Earth Balance.

18 Jan

As of recently I have become obsessed with Earth Balance. I first tried it a couple of years back and I remember liking it quite a bit but I went back to butter and left it at that. Fast forward to this year, Earth Balance drops this AMAZING coconut oil spread, I get hooked and decided to try the whipped buttery spread again to see whats up. Well whats up is that this stuff was made for people like me. Those people who just do not want to part with butter, those of us who just cannot get down with the falseness. Earth Balance is the closest thing I have found to butter and let me tell you, it tastes so friggin good, its unreal.

Everything that Earth Balance makes is vegan, all natural, gluten-free and they also offer some soy free varieties. Their line of products ranges from buttery spreads to peanut butters and soy milks. I have only used their buttery spread toppings since I have yet to come across their other products anywhere. I take that back, I think I did see their peanut butter at a health food store before but I didn’t try it. I look at products like Earth Balance like this, it’s the little things. Once you revamp your diet from carnie to veg head there will be somethings that you get to keep around like butter, milk, yogurt and cheese. Eventually once you are on this side of the fence for long enough you start to seek alternatives to those products cuz let’s be real ingesting the milk from another animal is kind of weird, right?

Even if you are not a vegan or a vegetarian, even if you are not an animal lover you should try one of Earth Balances products because to put it simply, they taste good and they are good for you. Rich in Omega-3’s and low in saturated fat, you cannot beat what they have to offer. You can find Earth Balance lots of places including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and local health food stores.

Get Balanced. Earth Balance Homepage.


2 Responses to “Earth Balance.”

  1. Adriane January 25, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    Thanks for the Earth Balance shout-out! We would like to send you a thank you! Email

    • Author January 25, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

      No sweat, your products are the bomb!!!
      I love Earth Balance 🙂

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