Need a Resolution for 2012? Become a Vegetarian

17 Jan

Today’s Post Is Brought To You By Our Guest Blogger Allison Brooks. Allison Just Graduated From The University of Mississippi With A Degree in Biomedical Anthropology. When She is Not Doing Research Work She Enjoys Being In Her Kyack, Riding Her Horses And Playing Soccer. Of Course She Is A VegHead 😉

I know that title might scare you at first… but why? Being vegetarian is not that bad, I have been one for 13 years and I’m not a feeble skeleton yet. I say that, because the look people give when I say I’m a vegetarian, is like “why, what’s wrong with you?” or “you don’t look like a vegetarian”. Haha I love that one. I love how people expect you to have to be crazed or have a health-issue to be a vegetarian. But why can’t it just be for health, or cause you want to? Society is becoming more concerned with a natural lifestyle and protecting the environment so being a VegHead is in. Vegetarianism and veganism are growing in popularity because of concerns over personal health and ethics about killing animals.

Reasons to Become a Vegetarian

Vegetarian diets are high in nutrition and fiber but low in fat and that will prevent and fight many diseases and conditions. Some of these include cancer, gum disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, and intestinal problems.

There is also much talk today about chemicals and toxins that find their way into the body. One reason to not eat meat is the tissue retains the pesticides, herbicides, drugs, sterols, and growth hormones that have been ingested by or given to the animals.

Humans are essentially herbivores and can survive just fine by eating plant food. Many people feel that it is not right to kill an animal to survive because it is not necessary and not humane.

Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

People become vegetarian for many reasons and one of the main ones is health. Heart disease has reached an alarming rate and a plant-based diet is much better than a meat-based one. Eating red meat can greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular problems mostly because of the high amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. Studies have shown that some children as young as three are showing symptoms of cardiovascular disease in its early stages.

Being vegetarian can also lower your risk of developing many forms of cancer. Eating meat every day increases a woman’s chance of getting breast cancer by four times. That risk can be reduced by up to 30 percent by simply consuming one serving of vegetables each day.

The immune system of a vegetarian is better at destroying tumors than the immune system of people who eat meat. This is also why many natural diets are prescribed during cancer treatments. Aggressive cancers like pancreatic or mesothelioma cancer, require intense conventional treatments so the antioxidants and photochemicals really help the body recover after treatment sessions.
Good for Your Teeth?

Good oral health comes from eating a healthy balanced diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Vegetarians need to make sure they are getting complete proteins and enough vitamin D and calcium, especially those who don’t eat dairy products, as vitamin D and calcium are essential to good oral health.

If periodontal disease is an issue, there are several supplements and natural products that can help. One would be using toothpaste that contains tea tree oil, as it is antibacterial. Cranberry juice keeps bacteria from sticking to the teeth and coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that will help gum tissue heal. But remember, if serious issue continue, stop by a local dentist. From LA to DC, dentist offices are basically on every corner.

This Is Allison Brooks, Veggie Fitness Guest Blogger of The Day 😉


One Response to “Need a Resolution for 2012? Become a Vegetarian”

  1. AntiCancer February 1, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    Informative blog you have here friend. I would like to reiterate the power of knowing what works and what does not. Some things just are simply better worked out than others. I hope everyone reading this blog agrees. Hey, it is essential information, so why not? Can be a lifesaver if used properly.

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