My Top Ten Reasons For Being Vegetarian.

11 Jan

Everyday, without fail I get asked ‘Why Are You Vegetarian?’ I understand that many people ‘Don’t Get It’ but it’s not like I go around asking people ‘Why Do You Eat Meat?’ even though I frankly ‘Don’t Get It’ either. When people ask me this question I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I am now vegetarian for soooo many reasons it’s unreal. I first became a vegetarian simply because I could no longer bear to eat meat. I didn’t make the animal/plate connection or anything, I simply got grossed out by meat, stopped eating it, then stopped eating fish and ate my last chicken dish in February 2008. The next day I woke up a vegetarian and never looked back, I never miss meat, I never want meat and as long as I can control it I will never eat meat again.For me it was that simple. I woke up a different person and from that day, my whole life changed. EVERYTHING changed, the rose-colored glasses had been ripped of in an instant and I was forced to face a meat-eating society that I could not even relate to anymore. Worst off I had not even PLANNED to become a vegetarian so needless to say it was an experience but it never overwhelmed me. I am also lucky to have 2 beautiful, healthy and active younger sisters who have been veg heads since they were teens in the 90’s. They picked up the phone, answered my questions and simply showed me that being vegetarian is not a big deal nor is it hard. In fact over the past 4 years I have learned the exact opposite. I have realized just how natural it is to be a vegetarian, my body only wants those foods to begin with. Those foods do not make the body, mind, soul or spirit ill. Those foods in face nourish our mind, body, spirit and soul. Fresh, living foods straight from the Earth, how can they be wrong?

So since I am asked all the time ‘Why’ I figured I at least owed it to myself to think about the 10 most important aspects of my lifestyle. The top 10 things that have the biggest impact on my mind, body, soul and spirit cuz let’s keep it real, if your mind and body are not aligned with your spirit and soul, you will be lost. All of this can be pinged back to what we eat and how we eat. How can we be alive in mind and body if we eat dead things? How can our spirit and soul be jovial if they are marked with death? Not trying to be dramatic but at the core it is that simple. So without further hoopla I bring you my list…

My Top Ten Reasons For Being (an insanely strict borderline vegan) Vegetarian.

1- Animals.

I cannot fathom eating an animal every again and when I think about the person I was when I was eating animals I get sad. It saddens me that I did not make the connection sooner. Animal rights is now one of my biggest passions in life, this occurred after I became vegetarian. I believe that all living creatures have a soul and I have found a peace in mine since I stopped hurting them by eating and wearing them.

2- Earth.

I love this planet. I have always had a wonderlust and a need to see, touch, taste and smell the world. How can I abuse her then? Killing of animals for food kills our planet in the process. It was very selfish of me to think that my lifestyle could be sustained even though I gave nothing back. I took, took, took. Pollute the planet with my plane travels then pollute it some more with my meat from a slaughterhouse. I now understand how fragile life on this planet is.

3- Health.

I was fortunate to grow up with parents who really did feed us well and who did teach us about healthy eating and all that jazz. They also kept us  super active and encouraged us to be strong, athletic and fit. All of this set a wonderful foundation for the life I am now choosing to live. My health is the biggest give I have ever been given and eating meat does not fit anywhere in my health equation. Especially when it has been linked to many diseases such as cancer.

4- Fashion.

The fashion industry is crazy. For real. I feel some type of way about it and this is coming from someone who went to F.I.T. Overall I think that most of the fabrics and skins they use are nasty. I am not ok with wearing a dead animals skin against my body nor do I want a reptile breed only to be skinned to make my purse. No death in or on my body, thank-you-very-much.

5- Body Weight.

Sure you can be an overweight vegetarian but it is less likely then being an overweight meat eater. I know that even if I stopped working out all hard core that I would not gain weight. In fact at this point in time I can safely say I would lose quite a bit of weight if I stopped lifting. It would be very hard for me to become over weight eating the way I do, so that is enough reason for me to stick with it.

6- Clarity.

I have felt a sense of clarity since I have become a vegetarian and it has only gotten stronger over time. When so many things in this toxic society are already weeded out for you because of your lifestyle choices, it make things much more simple. A total streamline occurs when you cannot rely or depend on ‘the norm’. This may sound crazy but I am confident that others will know what I am talking about.

7- Compassion.

I have always been a compassionate person, I was never mean to or really made fun of people. I got it enough so I think I learned that I did not want to make people feel bad at quite a young age. Now that I am older, being a vegetarian falls in line with the compassion that I have always felt. I could never hurt a living creature so how could I eat one?

8- Deliciousness.

I used to hate food and rely on the same few things to get me by. I now LOVE FOOD. I love eating good fats and protein from planets and trying new vegetarian restaurants. I love going out to eat and not having to worry about cross contamination and I love seeing what these chefs come up with. Eating is now such a huge, pleasurable part of my life because I am vegetarian.

9- People.

There are no kinder or cooler people then the ones who work in or at, run or own, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, stores and companies. The people who I meet that are leading this lifestyle have been total gems, everyone seems to vibrant and alive, they all look so good. They seem to exude a happiness that can only come from the inside. A happiness that comes from an inner peace, a sense of fulfillment.

10- Soul.

I don’t want any of the negativity that comes with death, killing, murder or slaughter in my realm. I want to be removed from that. I want to enjoy the company of animals and learn from them. Plus they say if you can’t kill it then you shouldn’t eat it and I could never kill it so I guess it looks like I’m a vegetarian for life 😉


2 Responses to “My Top Ten Reasons For Being Vegetarian.”

  1. Natasha June 24, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    This is just a thought,but maybe meat was originally given as some sort of prison or hospital food in ancient times,and the prisoners or invalids hated it at first,but had to get used to it,so that could be why we still eat meat today.

    • Author June 24, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

      That’s actually a really great thought.
      I will look into this and see if this happened in Ancient Greece, where/when vegetarianism was very popular.
      I love thinking about things like this, thanks for the thought and thanks for stopping by 😉

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