Once, Twice, Six Times A Champion…

9 Jan

Imagine winning something as intense and as gut wrenching as an Ironman Triathlon. I mean that is the business right there, how many people will ever win a triathlon? Not that many. Most of us, for example, me, will never even attempt an Ironman for the simple fact that we can’t even fathom it. Now imagine winning the Ironman Triathlon SIX times, then coming out of retirement at age 40 to place second, then to place 5th at age 42. Not too shabby huh? Now what if I told you that this has all been done by a man named Dave Scott and he did it all under the influence of veggies. That’s right all of his wins came while he was a strict vegetarian. That is 6 first place wins in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and 3 second place finishes all in 14 years.

On and off during his competition days, Mr. Scott also held course records and world records. His record-breaking 6 wins has only been done by one other athlete, Mark Allen. Last year Dave was inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame and he currently works as a consultant, coach and motivational speaker. He is no longer a strict vegetarian but since all of his greatest athletic accomplishments occurred under the influence of veggies we figured a shout out was a must here at Veggie Fitness. So the next time sometime tells you your athletic abilities will suffer if you don’t eat meat, tell them to look up Dave Scott 😉


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