Little Green.

4 Jan

The longer I am vegetarian the more I enjoy veggie burgers, not the mock meat kind but the kind made with random delicious veggies. I personally cannot resist any veggie burger with ‘Black Bean or Sweet Potato’ in them so when these Little Green Handcrafted Black Bean Burgers ended up in my freezer I was beyond psyched. The Handcrafted Vegetable ones did too but the black bean ones had me at hello 😉

These Little Green burgers only come in packs of 2 and they do not come cheap but they are worth every single penny. Here is why: First off they are handmade, no machines, just real people making real food. Secondly, they are HUGE, about 5oz each, the size of a veggie burger you would get at a high quality veg restaurant and third, they are made in a facility that is powered by solar energy. If you need a few more reasons to pay more for a better product then read on. All of their burgers, Bollywood, Shroom, Bean, Vegetable are vegan, low-fat, cholesterol fee, saturated fat-free, have no trans fat, no artificial ingredients and are certified Kosher. Little Green burgers also pack in the fiber with about 4-9 grams per burger and about 7-11 grams of protein.

To top it all of these burgers are delicious. The Handcrafted Black Bean Burger is my favorite store-bought veggie burger that I have yet to come across. You must try these, look for them at Whole Foods or Fairway in the Northeast…They are made with love in Jersey 🙂 Little Green Foods Homepage.


One Response to “Little Green.”

  1. Rich Kellner June 5, 2014 at 6:02 pm #

    I agree that they taste amazing. My only reservation is they are not made with organic ingredients.

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