Safe Haven Animal Shelter And Wildlife Center.

2 Jan

Save Haven is a no-kill animal shelter and wildlife center in Dutchess County, N.Y. Started in 2009, they will soon be expanding to add both a rehabilitation and educational center. All animals will be able to be treated at Safe Haven and wild animals will be treated, recover and released back into the wild. I think this is great because many people fail to realize how many wild animals are harmed as we go about our business of driving, chopping down and building. They deserve to be cared for as well since many of their accidents are not ‘naturally occurring’, getting hit by a car is not exactly ‘natures way’ if you know what I mean.

The coolest thing that Save Haven is currently doing is running a pet food pantry. In these crazy economic times so many people have been laid off and have had to surrender the family pet. This is not only devastating for the family but devastating for the animal and sometimes deadly. Since most of the no-kill shelters and rescues are filled to capacity they are forced to bring their dogs to places like ‘Animal Care and Control’ and the local pounds who will just put these animals down. So Save Haven has stepped up to help stop this crisis by starting the pet food pantry. You can donate and pick up food for your pet during their operating hours. By giving out pet food, Save Haven is helping to keep pets with their families and out of the kill shelters.Happy faces all around. Since they are a non-for-profit all donations are tax-deductible, greatly needed and greatly appreciated.

Check out all the good things going on at Safe Haven below…. Safe Haven Homepage.




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