Want Healthier, Stronger Nails? Go Vegetarian.

1 Jan

As a nail biter since birth I can 1000% say that my nails have never been stronger. NEVER. At times I cannot even bite them cuz they are so strong which is rad because it deters me and I keep it moving. Back in the day I had super weak, peeling nails unlike my mother and sister Mary who always managed to have these long, thick, strong nails. I assumed this was because I was a chronic nail biter and I bet some of it was but not all of it because today I still nibble from time to time but my nails never peel. They are also way thicker then they have ever been so naturally I assumed this was because I am vegetarian, because if you know me than you know that I assume ALL the good things that have happened to my body are because I am vegetarian 😉 Well it turns out that my assumption is true, vegans and vegetarians do tend to have stronger and healthier nails than their meat-eating counterparts. This is not only great from a superficial, looking good stand point but from a health stand point because according to many doctors, how healthy your nails are is directly linked to how healthy you are.

Now let us discuss why veg heads have healthier talons than meat eaters. Some of it comes down to how well our organs are functioning. For example, discoloration of the nails can be a sign of health problems related to your kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. It can also be a sign of diseases such as diabetes or anemia. Since we all know that veg heads are at a way lower risk for basically every illness and disease related to health, our chances of having discolored nails are greatly reduced. Just be sure you are getting enough iron in your diet to ward off anemia. When it comes to peeling nails this could simply be because your hands are in water a lot or it could be your diet. Peeling nails can be a sign that you are lacking in linoleic acid which can be found in vegetable oils, another reason why low-fat diets are no good. Our bodies NEED those good fats from vegetable oils so use olive oil on your salad, saute veggies in canola oil, whatever is clever just eat some. Your nails will thank you. Brittleness is another common nail no-no. Brittleness can be linked to a lack of iron in your diet, we all know that green leafy veggies are packed with iron and on the whole veg heads eat more greens than meat eaters do.

Everywhere I searched on the net to get info to back up my madness said the same things over and over again. That diet and overall health are the keys to optimal nail conditions. When it came to actually everyday people talking about nails and how to get healthy nails there was always a discussion about someone who knows a vegan or vegetarian with nice nails and hair. Then when you go even further to get veg heads opinions about nail health, everyone says the same thing. Vegans and vegetarians have healthier, stronger nails. Go snoop around and check it out, I attached a couple of links to help prove that I am not crazy 😉




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