Stay Fit While Your Truckin.

31 Dec

If you happen to drive for a living then you know how easily you can put on weight. Odd hours, long stretches of road, longer stretches of sitting and not many healthy fast food choices to make. All of this combined is a recipe for disaster but by making a few smarter food choices and by taking a break to exercise you can change the course of your fate.

Petro and TA Truck Stops have united to bring the people of the road places to work out, stretch and walk/jog it off. At selected rest stops there are fitness centers, walking/jogging paths and healthy food options which are high lighted with their ‘Stay Fit’ logo. There are currently over 20 rest stop locations across the United States that offer fitness rooms for you to work out in and there are almost 100 rest stop locations across America offering walking/jogging trails. With all these stops across the country there is no reason not to take a break and get some exercise and air.

So next time you are on the road for an extended period of time or if the road is your home, check out the attached link to see where you can stop off, work out and fuel up. Take your health on the road with you 🙂 Petro/TA Truck Stop Stay Fit Locations.


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