Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Soap.

30 Dec

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Soap is my latest bath and body obsession. This stuff smells so darn good and cleans so well without any nasty tallow. I am a user of all soaps by Trader Joe’s but I think this one is my favorite. Not only is it not tested on animals but there are no animal ingredients used. It’s good all around and according to my brother-in-law who works for Trader Joe’s it is also super popular and sells out like crazy. We can’t all be nuts, can we 😉

The best thing about the body soaps at Trader Joe’s is the price, you really cannot beat $2 for 2 bars of soap. Please there have been times where I have paid $6 PER BAR of soap just to avoid tallow and I have seen natural bars of soap costing up to $8. So as you can see this soap, at this price is a steal. Plus tea tree oil is so good for you skin. And lastly who the heck wants to rub nasty beef fat all over their body as the attempt to get ‘clean’? That’s what I thought.



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