Shop Here: Never Felt Better.

26 Dec

Never Felt Better is a wonderful little vegan store located in Sacramento, California. At Never Felt Better you can find a little bit of everything vegan, from food and cookbooks to cruelty free clothing. As of now, Never Felt Better is Northern Cali’s ONLY all vegan store. They moved to a new bigger, better ground floor location in October 2011 so if you are ever in the area be sure you stop by to do some shopping or at least to say hi 🙂

I think it is so rad that these ‘All Vegan. All The Time’ stores are popping up across the country. Places like Never Felt Better make it fun and easy to shop for our lifestyle. Plus for travelers it is super cool to be able to have a place to check out, an adventure of sorts. And of course not having to read labels and/or do the ‘Leather Smell Test’ rocks 😉 Ever get caught smelling a belt or wallet to see if its real leather? Its makes for an interesting moment to say the least lol.

So next time you are in Northern Cali around Sacramento stop by Never Felt Better which is located at 1910 P St. Sacramento, CA. 95811.

916-889-1189 is the phone number. Never Felt Better Homepage.


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