Aunt Vicky’s Bickys.

25 Dec

Over the past few weeks there has been a mini pet market situation going on up in Closter, NJ so I planned to get there once and accomplished that feat last week.  I came to find out that Closter, NJ is a pretty cute town and that Aunt Vicky’s Bickys rock 😉 At the pet market there were  a whole bunch of dog foods, treats and supplements to choose from. Now since my dogs are vegetarian it is always interesting to see what options are available to them. To my surprise there were quite a few options for us to choose from, thanks to Aunt Vicky.

Started by Aunt Vicky herself, these all natural dog treats are homemade in New Jersey with love from Aunt Vicky. She only uses the best and healthiest ingredients for her treats and most of the treats she offers are vegetarian. I came across 2 with chicken broth in them but the rest are vegetarian not vegan, milk and eggs are common in her biscuits. We decided to go with ‘Pedro’s Crunchy Peanut Butter Bars’ cuz I have a Pedro and cuz my dogs and cat LOVE peanut butter. Peanut butter is like ‘animal crack’ in my house, it cannot be opened, eaten or even thought about unless you plan on sharing it with all 4 of these fur creatures. Needless to say these bones are LOVED by all 4 and I will order more once we are done with these.

Since Aunt Vickys treats are homemade you can order XL sized treat or XS sized treats depending on your dogs size. Everything they offer can be ordered off their website, so check em out… Aunt Vicky’s Hompage.


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