Good Guys. (Don’t Wear Leather)

23 Dec

Good Guys is a super rad vegan shoe company from France. Their shoes are fashioned with a ‘Old School’ influence dating to the 1950’s. No animal products are used for their shoes instead they use a luxurious microfiber and fine detailing. Besides being vegan their shoes are also gender neutral meaning either sex can rock them with the quickness.

From what I gather they make derby type shoes, some ankle boots and some short lace boots. Everything they make looks super classy and well made, I am going to have to see these in person. As for where you can find some Good Guys kicks, here in the States you are limited to Sudo Shoes in Cambridge, Mass right outside of Boston or Moo Shoes on the LES in Manhattan, New York. Otherwise you can find them in stores from Brussels to Singapore or order them on the site I attached below 🙂

Here at Veggie Fitness we love all things animal friendly but we also love things planet and people friendly. Good Guys is not only animal friendly they are people friendly. Their shoes are crafted in Portugal in a fair, humane manner. Ethical all around. Check ’em out… Good Guys Homepage. Good Guys Facebook.


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