This Is Not A Tub Of Cream Cheese…

18 Dec

Cream cheese is something I can easily not use, I tend to favor butter as I get older but cream cheese replacements have been peaking my interest lately. So needless to say when I was at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago this product called, ‘This Is Not A Tub Of Cream Cheese, This Is A Tub Of Non-Dairy Spread’ appeared before me I just had to give it a try.

Made with all natural ingredients like coconut and sunflower oil, this non-dairy cream cheese is also lactose free, trans fat-free and cholesterol free. It is also vegan and certified kosher. When it comes to the texture, I think Trader Joe’s hit a home run, it is the exact consistency of store-bought cream cheese, not the whipped kind. It was easy to spread and pleasant on the tongue. Now when it comes to taste I liked it. I thought there was a subtle tang like you get with real cream cheese and I thought it worked very well on my whole wheat everything bagel. Others have said that they found it to be ‘tasteless and bland’ so I am sure some of you will feel that way too if you try it.

Overall I dig this non-dairy spread. It has so many uses, you can easily use it for dips and to make a vegan cheesecake. That is exactly what I will be doing the next time I buy it, making a cheesecake with it. I think this stuff was meant to be baked and mixed with, it is so versatile and will easily take on whatever flavor you want it to 🙂


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