Weight Lifting For Flexibility.

17 Dec

I used to be ridiculously inflexible even though I could play almost any sport known to man. I mean it was PATHETIC. I managed to score 12 varsity letters in high school, 4 for soccer, 4 for basketball and 4 for track. In track my main event was the 110 high hurdles, this event is 10 hurdles thrown in a 100 yard dash. I could get over all of them but I could not touch my toes. In gym class one year I basically FAILED the ‘Presidential Physical Fitness Test’ because I was unable to touch my toes or bend my back enough to touch some other random line while sitting down. My soccer and basketball coaches from my youth to college were all completely stumped at my total lack of flexibility, my track coach was in utter disbelief. It really was that bad.

Flash forward to 2 weeks ago while I was lifting. Without even thinking about it I reached to touch my toes for a stretch and to mess with my shoelace. This feat was accomplished with the greatest of ease, it was as if I could touch my toes my whole life. It was quite unreal. So unreal that I just kept being down and doing it over and over again to be sure it was not some Jedi-Mind Trick going on. I have no idea how long I have been able to touch my toes for but I am assuming it has been a while now. And as soon as I touched them I knew it was from lifting, especially all those dead lifts I do. Something clicked, it all made sense so I hit the ‘net to see if this was presumptuous of me or actually factual. Turns out that it’s the facts baby 🙂

If weight lifting, moderate weight, can and does improve the quality of ones connective tissue, muscles and bones than how can it not improve ones flexibility? Flexibility or lack of, comes from the range of motion of your joints. So if your joints are stiff, you will obviously be less flexible than someone who’s joints are lubed up and ready to go. Lifting weights with proper form uses the joints whole range of motion therefore overtime increasing the flexibility in that joint. See how I could not touch my toes for 30 years? Then all of a sudden I start doing dead lifts often with proper form and 1 year later I touch my toes with ease, no strain in the hamstrings, hips or back. It was ‘All In The Hips’.

Now when it comes to the muscles, I also think that lifting makes them more flexible. My thought is that if you are extending your muscles by pushing them through their full range you are forcing them to strain and in turn elongate. Your muscles stretch as they push, pull and lift, these motions eventually lengthen the muscle to help increase its range of motion. For example if you can’t touch your toes because you feel a pull in the back of your legs aka your hamstrings, add some weight lifting exercises that work those bad boys and you will see the difference.

I hope this makes sense, I have been thinking about this for a while now but it is hard to find evidence to support this for some reason. Since I am not a doctor I feel like I should have a disclaimer lol but luckily I came across 2 studies on this precise topic, you can read about it below, I attached the links. So I can now post this with confidence and without thinking that I am crazy or and steering people in the wrong direction. Lifting weights with proper form and a reasonable weight load, can and will make your more flexible 🙂



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