Dear America, This Is Why Your Fat.

13 Dec

I am not even going to sugar coat this post because as a whole, America needs to be done with the sugar-coating. Americans are slowly eating themselves to death. Combine that with one of the most sedentary lifestyles on the planet and you have a recipe for disaster, aka our country’s current situation. About 34% of American adults over the age of 20 are OBESE, add the other 35% of them who are OVERWEIGHT but not yet obese. Those 2 categories alone make up 70% of the adult population. Does that scare you as much as it scares me? I hope so. The saddest part is that is has trickled down to our children because almost 20% of all 6-11 year old children are OBESE, where as 18% of 12-19 year old teens are OBESE and a devastating 10% of 2-5 year old kids are already OBESE. If this is not an epidemic then I don’t know what is. The number of OBESE people in American now out numbers the amount of plain FAT people!!! Even our pets are fat, over 50% of our pets are OBESE and suffer from the common aliments that being over weight brings 😦

I have scoured the internet to find the ‘Top 10 Reasons Why Americans Are SO Fat’ and what I discovered damn near gave me a heart attack just reading it. This is what I came up with.

‘Veggie Fitness Top Ten Reasons Why Americans Are Fat’

10- The Average American Consumes Almost 4,000 Calories Per Day.

That is just insane and gluttonous to the point of being almost unbelievable but unfortunately it is true. The average American ingests 700-1300 calories PER SITTING. To even start to get back on the right track Americans must start consuming about 1/2 the calories they currently do. Too much food.

9- The Average American Eats 22 Teaspoons Of Sugar Per Day.

That is like 400 calories per day in sugar alone. That is the amount of calories you should be eating for breakfast. That is how many calories are in a Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal with all the toppings. That is the amount of calories in almost 3 servings of Swedish Fish. Too much sugar.

8- The Average American Only Sleeps 6 Hours Per Night.

Study after study shows that our bodies need a solid 7-8 hours of sleep per night, no excuses. Lack of sleep not only causes us to gain weight but it also leads to a myriad of other health issues. I don’t know how anyone can sleep if they are jacked up off 22 teaspoons of sugar, so Americans lack of sleep makes sense to me.

7- The Average American Does Not Exercise. At All.

This is horrible. Only 6% of the American population gets at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Only 6%. That number is so low, even I am shocked by it. Most Americans site ‘Lack Of Time’ as the number one reason as to why the do not exercise. If that is the case then how do they find the time for this…

6- The Average American Watches Over 4 Hours Of T.V. Per Day.

Wow. Just, WOW. How do people find the time to rot their brains on reality t.v. yet they cannot take 3o minutes out of their day to take a walk with their children? 4 HOURS?!? That ends up being almost 30 hours a week, even more since people will stock pile their t.v. watching on the weekends. So basically Americans spend a full work week watching t.v. Every week.

5- The Average American Walks Only 5,000 Steps A Day.

Here we go again with the sedentary lifestyle. Doctors recommend that people take at least 10,000 steps a day to maintain good health. Every 2000 steps is equal to 1 mile and countries like Australia and Switzerland manage to get in about 9,600 steps per day and Japan gets almost 8,000. This is not rocket science, get moving America. Walk to the store. Park further from the mall door, walk your dog, do something, just MOVE IT.

4- The Average American Eats Over 100 Grams Of Protein Per Day.

Our obsession with eating meat at every meal is killing us for sure, since we all know Americans do not work out then why are they eating over 100 grams of protein per day? The average person needs like 50 grams, that is all. How do we expect to burn all of those calories off it we never move? This is 200 more calories than we need to be eating in protein each day. An extra 1400 calories per week our bodies will never use. Protein does not just magically turn into muscle.

3- The Average American Drinks 53 Gallons Of Soda Per Year.

So that comes out to about 1 gallon of soda per week which is about 2000 calories. Add that up over the course of a year and you have about 106,000 calories coming strictly from soda. That is crazy. You could potentially gain 1 pound per week on soda alone if this is how you roll.

2- The Average American Eats 33 Pounds Of Cheese Per Year.

To put it plain, cheese is not good for you. Sure in moderation it is painless but not to the tune of 33 pounds per year. That is just nasty. Dairy is LOADED with saturated fat which clogs our arteries and makes us fat. Considering there are almost 2,000 calories in 1 pound of cheddar cheese, you see where this is heading.

And The Number 1 Reason Why Americans Are Fat…

1- The Average American Is Ok With Being Fat.

This speaks for itself and with an attitude like this we will surly remain on ‘top’ of the scales.

Can You Honestly Tell Me That This Is Not Child Abuse?


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