A Wild Champ With A Heart Of Gold.

12 Dec
English: Chicago Bulls Dennis Rodman 1995 - 19...

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Being that the 90’s are the decade that has influenced my life the most, it should come to no surprise that I am a fan of Dennis Rodman. Don’t get it twisted, I was always a Knicks fan at the core but back in the day when NY and Chicago were always going head-to-head it was hard for me to not love the Bulls too. I mean they had Jordan, Pippen, Armstrong and Rodman, they were always a great team to watch. Too bad we never won a championship against them. Anyways back to the lecture at hand, Dennis Rodman, NBA Champion, recent inductee to the NBA Hall Of Fame, New Jersey native and long time vegetarian. That’s right folks, while Dennis was collection those 5 championship rings with the Bulls and Pistons he was doing so without the assistance of any meat. Score one for compassion 😉

Raised by a house full of women, Dennis was always more in tune with his feelings and emotions than most of the other boys.  He was a shy and introverted child who was unhappy.  He always loved basketball as a kid but it was in fact one of his sisters who was the gifted baller of the family. Not easily swayed from his convictions Dennis set out to play some ball himself but rejection seemed to plague him. He was too short to make the high school team so he was cut. He hung up the idea of basketball and worked as a janitor at an airport before he tried his hand at basketball again. Since crazy things do happen, Dennis hit a growth spurt late in the game and enrolled in a county college where he eventually transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State where he made his mark and eventually found his way to the NBA.

In 2005 Dennis was the first male and the first sports star to ever pose nude for PETA’s Anti-Fur Campaign. Over the years he tells the press that furriers have pushed free furs on him and he has always declined. He even went as far as to mention that he was embarrassed when his ex-wife used to wear fur. That is why we like Dennis here at Veggie Fitness because he calls it like he sees it and he is not afraid to speak his mind. Plus athleticism with a dash of compassion is hard to beat 😉

So here is a big up to Mr. Rodman for being a fashionably, compassionate, world-class athlete.




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