Hotel, Motel Novotel Inn.

10 Dec

The Novotel I Stayed At In Amsterdam 😉

If you have never traveled to Europe or Canada then there is a good chance you have never stayed at or maybe even heard of the hotel chain Novotel. If you have then you are in good hands, at least when it comes to washing yourself because their soaps do not contain animal fat aka tallow. Plus the packaging of their soaps, shampoos and body washes are eco-friendly and come with the certified ‘Eco Cert’ symbol on the labels.

The Ming Fai  Group who produces all of the bathroom goodies you get at Novotel has been recognized time and time again for their environmentally friendly production and products. They have been named the ‘Eco Friendly Hotel Supplier of The Year’, won for inventing the most ‘Eco Friendly Products’ and have been awarded over and over again with environmental certifications and awards.

I personally think its the little things that matter when you travel. Like being able to wash yourself with tallow free soap once you get to your hotel room. That is a big bonus, especially if you are only at the Novotel for a short stay and didn’t bring your personal soaps and body washes.

One thing I almost forgot to mention, is that Novetel is a pet friendly establishment and does not charge extra for you to bring your furry family 😉 Novotel Homepage. The Company That Supplies Novotels Toiletries.


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