Ami Cat.

6 Dec

I know this post is going to seem ridiculous to some people and at first glance I would be able to see why, since this post is about vegan cat food. Yup. You read that right, vegan cat food. Ami Cat to be specific. But let me just say, before I get mean comments sent to my inbox about ‘animal abuse’ and ‘vegans refusal to see animals as animals by forcing them to be little people’ (actual comments by the way), these vegan and vegetarian dog and cat foods are SPECIFICALLY made for these animals. There is no guesstimations here, these are foods that were not created for psychotic vegans and vegetarians like myself, they were made specifically for cats and dogs who cannot handle meat. There are LOTS of animals with sensitivities towards meats and other animal products, that is why these ‘Hypo-Allergenic’ foods came to be. People and animals like myself and my familia just get to reap the benefits minus the conditions. Sound fair enough? Good.

Ok, so back to Ami Cat. Ami Cat is a Hypo-Allergenic cat food made in Italy. It is just starting to make its rounds here in the U.S. via the internet and select stores. Most pet stores will not have Ami Cat and probably have never even heard of it but you can always request they order some for you if you think your cat would be into it. There is a great distribution company based in Canada called Green Leaf Vegan Pet Foods. They cover North America so if you reside here and want to carry Ami Cat at your store or want the pet store you shop at to carry Ami Cat then send Green Leaf an email and they will help you out. This is how I ended up scoring a bag of Ami Cat for my kitten Inca to try out. Ami Cat is a complete balanced cat food with all the vitamins, proteins and taurine your cat needs to stay happy and healthy.

I admit I was super nervous to try this food on my kitten for the simple fact that it is vegan, then I realized that the food she was currently eating was just fortified as Ami is so how can it harm her? Plus she is such a little Alley Cat, she has an iron stomach from eating whatever she could find before she found me. So once the bag arrived I switched her right over like a novice pet owner, such a rookie move, I didn’t blend them first and the next day she puked. I didn’t stop because I knew this was the only reason why she puked, it was not cuz the Ami sucked. After that there was no more puke and we are well on our way. My observations so far are that A. She loves the food. 2. She has lots of energy and D. She is acting the same, if not more energetic than when she was on her salmon based food. At this point I see no cause for alarm and will proceed with the Ami Cat. I hope it ends up working out well and I can get Pet Goods to order it for me.

Eco Friendly, Animal Friendly and Dietary Friendly. Read About Ami Cat Here. Green Leaf Distribution Homepage.


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