Pilots And Paws.

5 Dec

Pilots and Paws is another amazing animal rescue group that takes the meaning of the word rescue to a whole other level. Literally. This awesome organization is run by a bunch of dedicated animal loving volunteers, who rescue, foster and adopt out furry friends and even reptiles who otherwise would be facing the end of their lives.

This gathering of plane owners, pilots and animal lovers is simply a group of people working together in the most efficient way possible. Pilots and Paws does not arrange the rescues, that is done between the rescue group and the shelter where the animal is located. Once those plans are made, Pilots and Paws steps in and turns the plan into a reality. Please keep in mind these pilots all volunteer their time, planes and fuel and receive no monetary reimbursement what-so-ever. Hard. Core.

As you can see Pilots and Paws is a unique and wonderful group of people making great things happen. They run on donations of companies and people like us. 100% of all monies donated go directly towards the care and rescue of these animals. You can donate on their website by credit card or PayPal.

‘Pilots and Paws, Saving The Lives Of Innocent Animals’

http://pilotsnpaws.org/ Pilots and Paws Homepage.


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