When In Cali…

1 Dec

Next time you’re in Cali don’t you dare ask for some Sharks Fin Soup because as of October, it has been BANNED. This is a HUGE victory, not only for the sharks but also for the rest of the under water world that needs its main predator to keep its eco system moving and functioning as it’s supposed to.  Hunting sharks for their fins has caused the shark population to decrease at severely alarming rates, the shark is heading towards extinction and if the shark goes extinct say good-bye to the rest of the oceans amazing world. The sea’s need the sharks and the sharks need their fins. We don’t.

Each year about 73 MILLION sharks are KILLED for their FINS alone to make nasty shark fin soup. Just typing this makes me so upset, that is a HUGE number, I don’t know how people think they can just mass slaughter species and not pay the price.  Fishermen catch the sharks, slice off their fin and then throw them back into the water to die. How kind of them ;(  Not to mention wasteful, if your going to kill it for its friggin fin then you may as well keep it all and piece it off so people can eat.

The good news is this law was passed and many other countries feel the same way. Some countries are so passionate about ending the mass slaughtering of sharks that they are ready to place a ban on the WHOLE SHARK, which means no shark fishing at all.  Countries in Latin America and Micronesia have signed a declaration at the U.N. to end the commercial fishing of sharks by setting up shark sanctuaries, places fishers will not be allowed to go. I am very happy about this, many people forget the ocean is a world of its own and it is not our right to destroy and kill everything in it.

So big ups to Cali for banning sharks fin, that’s whats up 🙂

73 Million A Year.


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