Green Way Or The Highway.

30 Nov

As I looked around my apartment yesterday while picking up a pile of poop in the hallway (Thanks Camina), I realized that I use A LOT of Green Way’s products. Green Way is a private label which is owned by Montvale, NJ based A&P but Green Way products are available at more places than just A&P. Started in 2008 the Green Way line was unveiled product by product in 2009. That was when I started using they’re products and I have been faithful ever since.

Green Way not only makes organic foods like yogurt and pasta sauce they also make all natural dish and laundry detergent as well as biodegradable trash bags. Those are my favorite. As of today I am rocking Green Way’s eco-friendly fabric softener, their biodegradable trash bags, their recycled paper towels and their all natural laundry detergent. The best thing about Green Way is their commitment to natural goodness as well as their commitment to not testing on animals. Their products are priced extremely fair and they all work amazingly well. So next time you are shopping keep your eyes open for Green Way products, you may just become addicted. Like me 😉

‘There’s Their Way And Then There’s Green Way’ This Was All I Could Find About Green Way.

Cleaning Products.

Food Products.


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