The Truth.

21 Nov

When it comes to belts, finding ones of the vegan kind can be rather tricky cuz lets face it, most belts are made from leather. The ones that are not usually trend more on the casual side of the game which doesn’t help all of my ‘business hippies’ out there ($10 if you can name the movie that ‘nickname’ is from). This is where Vegetarian Belts swoops in to save the day 🙂

Run by the Truth Company, these belts are the BOMB. For real. They have something for everyone from kids to adults, men and woman a like. They cover all bases from casual to business and of course they are all cruelty free. No leather. No suede. They even offer a couple of eco-friendly belts, 1 made from hemp and one made from jute. There are also 2 nickle-free versions for those who are allergic to that particular metal.  You can order whatever you fancy right off their website, shipping is free for orders of $60 or more and their shipping rates for anything below $60 are extremely fair.

Truth is the real deal, the owner of the company Renia Pruchnicki started this business all on her own 10 years ago. She actually used to make all of the products herself in her apartment. Then the demand grew and here we are. Truth has won many awards for their style and vision and PETA named them the ‘Best Leather Replacement Clothing Company In North America.’  Check out everything they have to offer below… Vegetarian Belts Homepage. Truth Homepage.

This Is The Westie. Made From Hemp.


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