Sensible Foods For Sensible People.

19 Nov

Sensible Foods are the makers of some seriously delicious and crunchy ‘crunch dried’ fruits. All natural, organic and manufactured in a facility that only deals with fruits and vegetables makes these little bags of fun a great on the go snack. I would think these would be especially great for people with children, they are great finger foods for kids and they are healthy. Each pack is only 80 calories and contains 1/2 cup of fruit which is one serving towards you daily needs. Crunch Dried Snacks are also fat-free and gluten-free.

These tasty treats come in several different combinations, ‘Cherry Berry’, ‘Tropical Blend’ and ‘Orchard Blend’ were the ones I came across. I went with the ‘Tropical Blend’ and it was delicious. I am all about crispy little fruit snacks like this, I welcome the change from regular fruit since fruit is like 60% of my diet. You ca find these joints in thousands of places across America or you can shop for them on-line right on their website.

Snack With Sensibility. Sensible Foods Homepage.


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