10 More Reasons To Go Veg.

17 Nov

I can give you reasons ’till the cows come home, so here are 10 more…

10 More Reasons You Need To Go Veg:

1- Meat Eaters Have Double The Rate Of Alzheimers In Comparison To Their Vegetarian/Vegan Counterparts.

2- 80% Of Food Poisoning Is Due To Infected Meats And Eggs.

3- Farmed Animals Contain Up To 50% Saturated Fat In Their Bodies.

4- 4000 Animals Are Slaughtered Every Minute In A British Slaughter House.

5- 70% Of All The Grain We Grow Is Fed To Animals Who Are To Be Slaughtered.

6- 1 Pound Of Beef Takes 1 Gallon Of Petro To Produce.

7- The Water Used To Produce 10 Pounds Of Steak Is The Same Amount Of Water That The Average Family Uses In A Year.

8- Animal Farming Displaces Millions Of Indigenous People From Their Land In South America And Beyond.

9- If Every American Went Vegetarian It Would Free Up Enough Grain To Feed The Whole Country Of India.

10- Pressure On The Land Due To Meat Farming Causes American Soil To Erode To The Tune Of 6 Billion Tons Per Year.


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