Are You On The Level?

14 Nov

Level Naturals is an awesome company that makes cruelty free bath and body products using only natural ingredients that are free of parabans and sulfates.  Besides being animal friendly they are also a very Earth friendly company that supports local communities and charities. They use post consumer product to make all of their packaging and having the most minimal impact is the way the roll, everything they do has our planet in mind 🙂

The products that Level Naturals offer are of great quality and they work really well. They make bath bombs, body butters, soaps, candles and body scrubs. Level seems to know the deal about skin, they pack their goodies with essential oils and butters which actually nourish and are good for your skin. No fillers and junk here just covering up the problem. You can purchase them on-line or look for them at your local  spa or beauty supply. If you think a store near you should be carrying Level Naturals then contact Level and tell them. They will try to make it happen.

It is so important to support ethical companies like Level Naturals, why throw your hard-earned money away to some huge money-making machine that destroys the planet and tests on animals? It is unnecessary because these days there are so many cruelty free ways to get buffed, polished and moisturized.

Get On The Level. Level Naturals Homepage.

Chocolate Soap Anyone?


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  1. Author November 14, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    You Guys ROCK!!!!


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