Shining Starr.

12 Nov
Ringo Starr: Live at Soundstage

Ringo Starr. Legendary Drummer. Longtime Vegetarian.

Fortunately for me, I grew up listening to The Beatles. I remember hearing the White Album and being blown away and gloriously watching Yellow Submarine as a child. Once it was my turn to start my cd collection, my father hooked me up with Abbey Road and Sargent Peppers. The rest is history since my best friend was a HUGE Beatles fan, we proceeded discovered their catalog together. We also shared a crush on the same Beatle. Ringo. We often discussed why we chose him, when Paul and John were the ones to ‘love’. Maybe it was because he was the drummer and drummers are just cool? Maybe it was because he sang ‘Yellow Submarine’ and that song was a childhood favorite of ours? Who knows. After much thought we settled on the fact that we liked him the best because to us he was the cutest. After all we are simple girls 😉

Not the most famous vegetarian of the band, we will leave that title to Sir Paul but a vegetarian none the less. Ringo made the decision to go veg after he kept suffering from stomach issues. Many things were tried, nothing worked so he gave up the meat and never looked back. Ringo is not alone in this situation, Billy Idol also is a vegetarian due to stomach issues. Both lost the meat and lost the issues. How sweet it is.

This Hall Of Fame rocker still releases records and still tours. He is currently working on his next album and just released a song for the Buddy Holly tribute record. When he is not touring the world being a rock star vegetarian and father of 3, you can find him at one of his homes in L.A., Surrey or  Monte Carlo. Or on Thomas The Tank Engine re-runs or VHS 😉

So here is a big up to Mr. Starr for being the ultimate vegetarian Rock Starr.


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