When In Toronto…

7 Nov

This is another law that I find to be amazing and I think it needs to be replicated in every city all over the world. The amazingly awesome city of Toronto passed a law banning the sale of dogs and cats. Like its friends to the South, Canada also has a huge puppy mill problem and by placing laws like this in effect they hope to put them out of business. As people become more aware of just how horrible puppy mills truly are I expect to see this law copied and pasted quickly through out North America. Animal rights groups are making big strides these days, power to the people and the animals they are protecting 🙂 Toronto will become the second city in Canada to ban pet sales following the footsteps of Richmond, B.C. Licensed breeders will be able to sell from their own locations but not to or from stores.

Puppy stores suck so badly anyways, I have never, ever, ever heard a positive ending to a puppy that someone bought at a pet store. Now as the owner of a former bitch and a former stud, I know exactly why those puppy store puppies tend to be sick. They are bred purely for coin. Allow me to share my latest adventures in owning a puppy mill survivor… A couple of weeks ago my bitch started pooping weird, she normally has awesome poop so I knew something was really off.  An emergency trip to the vet shows us that her hernia, which I knew was from over breeding and hard unassisted labor (Chihuahuas heads are big at birth so some births need assistance, even a c-section) had gotten so big all of her intestines were in it.  When I told him I knew this hernia was because she has been bred like crazy my vet looked at me like I was crazy.  I do not think he has ever dealt with a puppy mill dog before plus Camina is so kind and mild you would never know how she lived or how she was when I first got her. So needless to say after an intense and highly invasive surgery my assumptions proved to be true. Her insides were destroyed, the doctor said she has been breed 10-12 times and had carried so many puppies, she was so stretched he had to sew her back together. He was in shock and had never seen anything like it before. Now she is all fly looking with her tummy tuck and sure her story has a happy ending but most of them don’t. And let’s be realistic, she is like 12 years old, having big time surgeries and is on 2 different heart medications to keep her heart failure at bay, ‘happy ending’ is all relative, right? But I am thankful because most dogs don’t even make it to the end of their breeding years in those hell holes, how can they? They are neglected, abused, mistreated and malnourished. Plus once they stop having full healthy litters they are killed by blunt force trauma or totally ignored and let starve to death. Camina was going to be killed by a brick to the head because the puppy mill she was at refused to spend money to put the dogs down.

All of that is just the residual effects of the physical abuse a puppy mill bitch endures, the mental is a whole other level. The only way to describe a puppy mill stud or bitch survivor is feral. Which takes me to my stud, Pedro who came to me from some shady back yard breeding situation. He literally acted more scared and feral then the cats that live in my neighbor’s backyard. I thought he was going to kill himself from his need to escape, it was one of the saddest, scariest things I have ever seen. Mentally Pedro will never fully recover, he is loving and adoring to myself and those close to me but he is untrusting and will bite the ankles of anyone he does not know. And he hates all other dogs unless they are once again, related to me. Physically he was a disaster too but he is such a strong-willed dog that he recovered from all physical aliments just fine, he is just a bit mental.

I love both of my breeders very much and cannot imagine my life without them but I also hope I never go through what I went through with them again. I hope by the time I have to get another monster all of these puppy mills will be gone and all the lazy backyard breeders will get real jobs and stop living off defenseless animals. At this point in the game you can adopt a pure breed anything from anywhere. Want a pure breed Bulldog delivered to your front door or do you want to go pick him up in Texas? That is how it is these days, your furry friend could be anywhere, lets just make sure it is not miserable and sick at a puppy mill 🙂

Let’s All Follow The Leaders.

http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110921/council-votes-ban-puppy-mill-pet-shops-110921/20110921/?hub=TorontoNewHome Read About It Here.

Life At A Puppy Mill.


2 Responses to “When In Toronto…”

  1. candicepeak November 7, 2011 at 8:11 am #

    This is good news! Puppy mills literally make me sick to my stomach. Thanks for sharing the article!

    • Author November 8, 2011 at 9:47 am #

      Anytime. Puppy Mills are the worst!! Thank you for caring enough to know the deal 🙂

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