The Simply Bar.

6 Nov

I adore vegan protein bars and I wish there were more on the market. I swear the fitness/bodybuilding/supplement company is in cahoots with the dairy/meat industry, they push animal proteins non stop. Even though I do supplement with whey protein and I do eat Greek yogurt I do not desire to have all of my protein in dairy form, I actually enjoy getting my protein from various sources and I think it is better for you. Plant proteins are so clean, you can’t go wrong.

Anyways ‘back to the lecture at hand’, The Simply Bar. I was introduced to this remarkable vegan protein bar at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival back in September. It was love at first bite, literally. This is a light and crispy protein bar which is hard to come by. Most of them are pretty dense and tough. The Simply Bar is not only vegan, it is all natural, high in Iron, Gluten-Free, certified Kosher and contains less then 10 ingredients. It also manages to pack 16 grams of soy protein and 2 grams of fiber into a bar with only 160 calories and since The Simply Bar is sweetened with organic agave nectar it is low on the glycemic index. This is the perfect bar for before a work out or after a work out. If you eat this after you work out be sure to pair it with a carb that is high on the glycemic like a piece of fruit.

This bar of vegan goodness comes in many flavors. I have tried several of them and have loved them all, especially the Peanut Butter Chocolate, Lemon Coconut and Caramel Peanut. You can order any of their bars off their website if you cannot find them in your neck of the woods. They are simply worth it.

Big Ups To The Ladies At The Simply Bar, You Rock 🙂 The Simply Bar Homepage.


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