Read This: Diet For A New America.

4 Nov
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A Must Read.

Diet For A New America was written in 1987 and is credited by many vegetarians as the reason they went veg. Author John Robbins leaves no stone unturned in this book. He writes about America’s dependence on animals for food and the totally horrible conditions your food lives in before it is slaughtered and served on your plate. No, this not pretty but let’s face it, this is reality. If you can read this book, digest its contents and still eat animals afterwards then you are a ‘unique’ individual. Beyond the horrible slaughter process, Robbins also educates us on how awful our dependency on meat is for the planet. He let’s us know how it stresses our environment and threatens the Earth as a whole.

To me the underlying tone of Diet For A New America is how can we morally sustain ourselves when we feed our souls with murder, how the moral conflict affects our nation. He also talks a lot about healthy, dietary needs and how disease and eating meat go hand in hand. This is a book full of information and reality, it truly is a must read for anyone who cares about their health, our planets health and the plight of the millions and millions of farm animals who are slaughtered every year for us to eat. Diet For A New America tells the whole story, talks about the whole domino effect of eating meat and really tells it like it is.

It Is Time We Listen Up. Buy It Here At Amazon.


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