Puppy Mints.

31 Oct


These Puppy Mints by Ginger Ridge are all natural and easy to chew for puppies and seniors. They are quite tiny which makes them the perfect training tool and a guilt free way to reward your furry friend. Even though they are called Puppy Mints they are not strictly for puppies, all 3 of my monsters loved them and none of them are puppies. These really are the perfect size for smaller dogs, no need to break the treat into pieces and since they are so tiny it will not make them fat. Small dogs get fat fast if you don’t pay attention. I know from experience 😦

Shaped like little bones, these Puppy Mints are made from wheat flour, beat molasses, vegetable oil, peppermint extract and sea salt. The best thing about these vegetarian/vegan friendly dog treats is that they actually give your dogs breath a refreshing scent, so the best bet is to try a score a kiss directly after they crunch these lol. Ginger Ridge makes a couple of other vegan/vegetarian friendly dog treats, one being Rodeo Rings which is also all natural and dog approved.

So the next time you’re in the market for some treats for your furry friends look for these Puppy Mints, you will not be disappointed and no animals were harmed in the process 🙂

http://www.amazon.com/Ginger-Ridge-Oven-Baked-Treats/dp/B000GAQ2LU Puppy Mints On Amazon.


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