Fix Your Face: The Salicylic Acid Edition.

29 Oct
Ball-and-stick model of the salicylic acid mol...

Salicylic Acid Molecule.

On this edition of ‘Fix Your Face’ we are going to take a look at salicylic acid, what it does, where it comes from and why you should use it. Like all of our other ‘Fix Your Face’ posts, salicylic acid is all natural and contains no animal by products while in its natural state. Salicylic Acid actually functions as a plant hormone and is found in the bark of the willow tree and has actually been found to play a role in both plant growth and development. It  has been used for a very long time for medicinal purposes, back in the 5th Century A.D. the Greeks used it to ease muscle aches and pains and the Native Americans used to use it as a fever reducer. These days it is most commonly used as an acne buster and an oily face friend and allie. A true all natural, old school ‘Jack Of All’ 😉

I am sure there are many people who will read this that never have had to use salicylic acid and all I can say to that is… ‘Lucky.’ The most common use of this acid is to cure, treat and prevent acne. Most people and doctors agree that this is one of the best ways to treat acne since it really does help the skin to shed its cells fast. Cell turnover is one of the most important aspects of face care especially with acne. You need those old, dingy skin cells to shed so your new, clear skin can show. Plus if you have clogged pores salicylic acid will open them, kill the bacteria in them and prevent those pores from becoming clogged again by keeping them open to allow room for new cell growth.

When it comes to shopping for a product with salicylic acid start with a 2%. St. Ives has a couple of face washes with 2%, I use both of them one is green tea and the other is apricot. They work well and are not tested on animals nor do they have any animal by products in them. Wash your face first before you use salicylic acid face wash that way it is actually working on your skin and not just pushing oil, dirt and make up into it. Use it 2x a day and you should see results. Top with Tea Tree Oil at night. Now sometimes this will just not do it. So you may have to take it to the next level with a peel. These are super easy to do and don’t actually make you peel for the most part. You can find 5%-30% all over the internet and these days there are so many reviews it is hard to be duped. I linked to the most well reviewed one on Amazon which I ordered but have yet to use. Snoop around see what you find.

Fix Your Face, Naturally.  St. Ives Apricot As Shown Below.

This One Is My Favorite. Smells And Feels Great, Really Cleans Your Skin Well. St. Ives Green Tea As Shown Below.

This One Is My Second Favorite. It Also Smells Amazing And It Works Just As Well As The Other One. This Is The Most Popular And Well Reviewed Salicylic Acid Peel On Amazon.


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