Next Organics.

28 Oct

Next Organics is a line of delicious dark chocolate covered fruits, nuts and pretzels. All of Next Organics products are all natural, Non-Gmo and tested for chemicals and pathogens. All of these treats are vegan except the dark chocolate covered pretzels cuz they use honey to sweeten them. I happen to come across these snacks at T.J. Maxx and grabbed the pretzels, almonds and walnuts. Right off the bat I noticed the quality was really good. The dark chocolate is amazing, not too bitter and not too sweet. I love that it is not made with milk fat, nasty. Milk fat ends up in commercial chocolate like 95% of the time, even in dark chocolate. I’m like ‘Hold Up, Milk Fat In Dark Chocolate?’ Makes no sense but it happens, take a look at a Hershey’s Special Dark.

All of the packaging that Next Organics uses is recyclable, all of their products are Certified Organic and nothing they make has any artificial ingredients. Keep an eye out for them at local health food stores and T.J. Maxx. I swear last week at T.J. Maxx I bought so much food it was ridiculous. They have some amazing gourmet stuff that I cannot find anywhere else and the best young artisan water from Hawai’i. People were looking at me crazy as I was pushing my cart of fancy pasta, Next Organics and Hawaiian water through the isles of sweaters, jeans and jackets lol. Have no fear if you cannot seem to find Next Organics anywhere you can order them on-line. Also don’t be afraid to suggest them to your local health foods store, there is a good chance they will order them and once these things are in the store they will fly off the shelves. Trust that.

Organic Chocolate, Fruit And Nuts. Yes Please. Next Organics Products.


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