Fight Off Dementia With Exercise.

27 Oct
A human brain showing frontotemporal lobar deg...

Picture Of A Human Brain Suffering From Dementia.

These days, nothing scares me more than being old and sick to put it blunt. As if being old is not enough to deal with adding on illness just seems to make it a nightmare. I want to be old and healthy so I can still enjoy my life, I don’t want to be bogged down to a hospital bed praying for it to end. We all know that having a well-balanced diet is such an important factor in our health but the more scientists study the benefits of exercise, the more it becomes just as important as diet. I want to specifically chat about Dementia cuz to be honest it is a very scary illness to me and lately there have been a few great studies done on the positive effects exercise has on Dementia.

In a nutshell, Dementia is serious. It causes a once physically capable individual to lose their cognitive abilities. Anyone who suffers from Dementia before the age of 65 would be considered to have ‘Early On Set’ Dementia. Some people live with Dementia for many years and others go into a rapid decline. When it comes to exercise and Dementia the stats look promising. The most recent studies coming from the Mayo Clinic tell us that, even if you have already been diagnosed with Dementia you can actually slow the progression of the disease. For those of us who do not suffer from Dementia, keep exercising or start now because there are an overwhelming amount of studies showing us that exercising in those ‘Pre-Dementia’ years can actually help to fight Dementia off period. By doing some type of exercise everyday you greatly reduce your chances of getting Dementia. This could be walking, running, biking, lifting weights, mountain climbing, frozen ice river mountain climbing (Peter, lol) whatever the heck tickles your fancy enough to get the blood flowing.

Doctors say the reasons that exercise is so helpful in the fight against Dementia once you have it, is because it helps improve  your brain function. When it comes to preventing Dementia exercise helps us because it helps to preserve our cognitive abilities thus slowing the deterioration which occurs as we age. By keeping physically fit with exercise we are also keeping mentally fit. Dementia can effect anyone but those who suffer from a stroke, heart attack or cancer are even more susceptible to this disease. So stay on top your health and fitness to prevent it all 🙂

The body is such a complex machine but it only needs simplicity to run and sustain. Pretty Amazing.


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