John Paul Pet.

22 Oct

Started by the Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Hair Care, John Paul Pet is an animal friendly, pet product company. They test all of their products on humans, not animals, even though they are ‘animal products’. They are also very much involved with animal care, protection, rescue and assistance. John Paul Pet Care supports charities such as Best Friends Animal Society, Morris Animal Foundation, The Brown Dog Foundation and Project: Troop Dogs. Just like their famous human hair care line, John Paul Pet is top-notch.

I happened to come across John Paul Pet ‘Full Body and Paw Bath Wipes’ at T.J. Maxx yesterday and since my dogs kind of smell and a bath is not in the cards until tomorrow I figured these would hold me over. Plus after I walk my dogs through the streets of the city I live in, I must admit I like the idea of wiping down their paws since they eventually end up in my bed. The first bullet point on the front of the bottle is ‘Cruelty Free’ so right away you know I was trying these out. I got them for $8.00, the tag says they retail at $14.00 which seems steep but honestly this is a good product. There are 45 sheets in the canister and since my dogs are smaller than the average subway rat in NYC, these should last me a couple of years.

Besides pet wipes they also make shampoos and conditioners for dogs, cats and horses. Those are the 3 animals that their line of pet products seem to cover. There are also 2 really cute John Paul Pet Grooming System they have for sale on their website, one for kittens and puppies and the other for cats and dogs. Very good stuff for someone who is new to grooming their own pets. It is soooo easy if you have a small dog and it takes like 5 minutes literally. If you have a big dog, your on your own. I don’t have any experience past the 8lb mark 😉

Pet Care With A Salon Pedigree.’ John Paul Pet Homepage.


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