You Can’t Touch The Turban Tornado.

20 Oct

At 89 Years Young.

Here at Veggie Fitness we have been truly blessed to find people who defy the odds in the world of athletics. And they manage to do so while on a plant-based diet. This is so important to us because being in the fitness industry we are constantly having MEAT shoved in our faces and after a while it is rather upsetting. Like the other day when my copy of ‘Oxygen’ Women’s Fitness came in the mail. I was flipping through it, totally not impressed by the lay out or the content. Then I came across a quote from Gandhi which was followed by an article telling me to eat cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys. To be honest I was kind of disgusted, I mean how hypocritical is that? But then again this is the same publication that has NEVER once mentioned the fact that Jack LaLanne was a vegetarian even though they bring him up often and use his life as a model for their own. Convenient Amnesia Much? But anyways this post is not to bitch about others failures but to shout about one mans success. Mr. Fauja Singh. Remember that name because who knows if there will ever be another one of these, 100 years young, Guinesses Book Of World Record holder, vegetarian, marathon runners.

Mr. Singh took up running marathons at the age of 89 after his wife and only child passed away. Since then he has run 8 marathons, his most recent being the Toronto Waterfront Marathon last weekend where he finished in 8 hours and solidified his place in the book of records. Since Fauja took up running he has set many records for various distances in the aged 90 plus brackets and now the aged 100 plus brackets. Just typing this is blowing my mind, at 31 I am getting tired just thinking about it lol. Many people wonder if this is even safe for a 100-year-old man but doctors say that at the age of 100 ‘Nothing Is Safe’ so Mr. Singh should literally, run with it. He credits his abilities and drive to his faith in God, but he also feels that after all these years God is probably a little sick of helping him out, gotta love a man with a sense of humor. He also says that his commitment to daily exercise, shunning of cigarettes and alcohol and his vegetarian diet are what keep him going and allow him to run marathons at age 100. Yeah re-read that last sentence and let me know how it hits you because I am dumbfounded. Just seeing the age 100 and marathon in the same sentence is bugged out, in the best way 😉

So here is a big up to Mr. Fauja Singh. Congrats on your record-breaking run and thank you for being an inspiration to all of us vegetarians who are constantly told we will ‘get too sick’ or ‘be too weak’ to compete in athletics at such a high level. You Mr. Singh are the man and I hope to read about your next marathon race in the near future. This goes to show, meat doesn’t make the man.

Crossing The Finish Line At Age 100 Last Weekend In Toronto!!!


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