Squash It.

18 Oct
Cucurbita moschata 'Butternut'. Original descr...

Butternut Squash.

Tis the season for all veggies orange it seems, right?  Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Oranges, Tangerines, Clementines are all over the supermarket at great prices. I love the fall fruits and veggies selections, they are some of my favorites. Now when it comes to squash there are sooo many different types it seems, from Spaghetti to Butternut there are so many routes you can go with squash. Zucchini and Pumpkin are also considered to be forms of squash, Zucchini being in the Summer category and Pumpkin being in the Winter category.

The origin of squash has been traced back over 10,000 years. Originally a Native American crop, squash is technically not a vegetable but a fruit. I guess this is why I love it so much, I am so partial to fruits in comparison to veggies, there is simply no competition lol. Squash is high in Riboflavin, aka Vitamin B2 as well as Vitamin C and offers a bit of potassium as well. And according to recent studies, people who eat orange-colored fruits and veggies tend to have a healthier more vibrant skin tone then those who do not. If a food  can give you good skin, that is always  reason enough for me to eat it.

When it comes to preparing Squash you can bake it, microwave it, steam it, mash it and/or fry it. Your options are unlimited, I personally like to cook it with some cinnamon, brown sugar and maybe a little maple syrup. It’s a nice Fall/Winter side dish that fills you up and tastes delicious. So next time you are at the market pick up a squash and experiment, tis the season 🙂


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