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15 Oct

I have been munching on Natures Path snacks for quite sometime and I love them. Only recently did I find out that Natures Path is a vegetarian friendly company 🙂 EVERYTHING they make, which happens to be a lot of stuff, is vegetarian friendly. This is music to my ears since I now know that whenever I see the Natures Path logo, I am in the clear. On top of being all vegetarian all the time, Natures Path is also all organic, all the time and an eco-friendly company. All of their packaging is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

Natures Path is a family run, homegrown business that was started in 1985. They pride themselves in being an independent business and they have no intention of ‘selling out’, good food and sustainability are some of the core values at Natures Path. The products they make are some of the best in their league, especially if you are a snacker or a breakfast fan. They offer an organic, healthier and tasty alternative to Pop Tarts as well as hot cereals, granola bars, cold cereals and waffles. As a snacker and breakfast junkie, all of these things ring my bell.

You can find Natures Path goods almost everywhere these days, I find them by my house at Target and A&P. I have seen them in random small health food stores as well as random big supermarkets. So keep your eyes out for them the next time you are shopping. They are usually stocked right in the same area as their main stream counterparts. If you can’t find them just head to their website and stock up on what you’re looking for.

Natures Path, A Good Path To Be On. Natures Path Homepage.


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