Le Scrub.

9 Oct

I loathe dirty sinks and showers. I have used everything to get both clean in the past, from bleach to comet. Most things work but within a couple of days I noticed the sink and tub would start to get dirty again. So this cycle continued for over 10 years until a couple of months ago when a scrub came to my rescue. Le Scrub.

Made by Method, this house cleaner is the best cleaning scrub I have ever come across. I have never seen my kitchen sink or shower as shiny and clean as they were as soon as I finished cleaning them with Le Scrub. It was amazing. The best part was that I didn’t have to use as much ‘elbow grease’ as I usually do yet got better results. Not tested on animals and containing no animal by products, Le Scrub gets its powerful scrubbing abilities from crushed marble. Pretty neat huh? It is also non-toxic which means it will not harm your pets or the animals that reside in the rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

I really can’t say much more about this product. It simply is the best scrubbing cleaner, try it out for yourself. You can find it at Whole Foods, Target and A&P just to name a few places I have seen it. Obviously if you cannot find it around your neck of the woods you can always order it off the internet.

Scrub This.

http://methodhome.com/product/le-scrub-bathroom-cleaner/?eucalyptus-mint Check It Out And Buy It Here.


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