Veggie Patch Chick’N Cutlets.

7 Oct

Every now and then a mock product comes along and simply blows you away. This product is one of them. As a lover of all things Italian…men, food, shoes, wine…I was very much missing my chicken parm. I had learned to live without it and rarely thought about it until I spotted these joints next to the nuggets I usually rock.  So I threw them in the cart with my mind-set on chicken parm but with zero expectations. That is not a knock at Veggie Patch because as you can see from all my reviews about them here, I think they are the bomb.

These cutlets contain a modest 180 calories, a solid 11 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. I honestly eat 2 when I do have them, they are that good and I like the protein content in 2 of them. 22 grams is a lot, like the equivalent of a chicken breast. Although they are not vegan, they are vegetarian and made with non-gmo soy. They are the best faux chicken cutlets I have found in the store at this point by a long shot. The best part about them is that the recipe for the killer chicken parm is in the sleeve of the box along with a coupon for $1 off. Funny thing is I did not look inside the first time I went to make these into chicken parm so I was all over the internet looking for someone who had done it before. After many searches I found one and copied it. Needless to say, next time I got them and went to break down to box to recycle it the print on the inside caught my eye and boom, there was the recipe I had searched so hard for lol. Go figure.

So needless to say, the next time you are in the mood for some chicken parm or a chicken cutlet over salad look for these cutlets by Veggie Patch. I know at the store I get them from they are in the produce section not the frozen, yet. I think they are expanding the line there which is rad. So check in your frozen section too because you never know where they may pop up. They Are Listed In This Category.

This Is Their New Packaging.

This Is The Other Packaging. This Is The One I Seem To Find.


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