Taste Of Nature.

5 Oct

I’m back with another food bar, this time it comes from North of the border, made by our fine friends in Canada. Taste of Nature bars are simply amazing, it never shocks me how delicious the foods of small companies are. Their line of food bars are all certified organic, all certified vegan, all certified Kosher, all Gluten-Free plus the company has their ‘Eco-Cert’ which means they are a ‘green’ company. They only use ingredients which have been farmed in a fair, sustainable manner, use eco-friendly packing and no animals are ever harmed in the process. Taste of Nature also donates their bars to the Salvation Army, Second Harvest and they also take part in events that support the Earth and environment.

I was hooked the second I tasted these bars, at the vegetarian food festival they were giving out samples and I was roped in. I ended up buying like 10 of them and started chowing down on them as soon as I could. My favorite so far is the ‘Argentina Peanut Plains’. It is the organic, vegan, all natural version of that Planters Peanut Bar thing but better. Sweetened with agave and brown rice syrup, no peanut lover could refuse this bar, it is amazing. I am quite upset I only got 2 of them because they were gone before the ride home was even finished 😦 These bars are sold at Costco, Whole Foods and many other places. If you cannot locate them you can always buy them off the internet on their website. Trust me it is well worth it.

Nature Does Taste This Good.

http://tasteofnature.ca/ Taste Of Nature Homepage.


2 Responses to “Taste Of Nature.”

  1. mmurra30 October 13, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    Just this weekend I have purchased a membership at Costco. I am not a big snacker but when I do snack it usually ends up being an unhealthy bag of chips. I’d like to start buying healthier snacks and your review of these bars makes me want to try them! One problem: I hate peanuts/peanut butter. I tried to enlarge the picture to view the other flavors but had a hard time seeing them. Have you tried any other than the peanut bar?

    • Author October 13, 2011 at 7:49 pm #

      I have had so many of them. Blueberry. Goji Berry. Ginger. Apple. They are all soooo good and they are not peanuty except for the one I posted. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!!!

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