Restaurant Review: New Harmony Vegetarians Restaurant.

4 Oct

I got such a kick from New Harmony because it is literally a Chinese food restaurant. Everything is the typical Chinese food situation from the menus to the actual restaurant. I had been looking for a place like this since I became vegetarian and of course they did not disappoint. There is just something special about being able to get ANYTHING you want in vegetarian form, that is why I love New Harmony so much. They took everything from your local Chinese food restaurant and shape-shifted it into vegetarian form.

This joint is located in Philly and if you are lucky enough to live close by, they offer free delivery with $20 or more purchased. I’m so friggin jealous about that you have no idea. Where I am currently at there are no vegetarian delivery options, the Thai place offers vegetarian stuff but it is not a vegetarian restaurant. Know what I mean? As soon as I live in delivery distance of a vegetarian restaurant, it’s so on. Since New Harmony’s menu is the same as what I used to order from in my carnie days I just stuck with what I loved back then. Some General Tao’s and Sweet and Sour Chicken. We lucked out and hit the dinner special which was top-notch, it came with rice, spring rolls and some soup. All for some ridiculously cheap price just like Chinese take out.

The portions were HUGE, we could have totally ordered less but when we go out to eat we never know if and when we will make it back to most of these places so we just stuff our faces till our hearts content and/or stomachs plead. There are tons and tons of mock meats on New Harmony’s menu. They have beef, pork and chicken options which are made from Wheat Gluten and some with rice powder. Pork and chicken made from soy and seafood made from tarro, seaweed and rice powder. They way they make these meat alternatives these days is crazy and as you see not everything is soy based and what this stuff is made from is all good for you. On of being 100% vegan, New Harmony is also certified Kosher.

New Harmony Vegetarians Restaurant. 135 North 9th Street. Philadelphia, PA. 19107.

(215) 627-4520 Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:30am-10:00pm. Friday and Saturday 11:30am-10:45pm. New Harmony Vegetarian Homepage.
Harmony Vegetarian on Urbanspoon

Sweet And Sour Chicken.


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