Nectar Nugget.

1 Oct

I love the Nectar Nugget. Not only does it have an awesome name, it simply tastes amazing. As of late I have been grabbing lunch from Whole Foods and I just cannot resist grabbing a treat every time I am there. I usually try to keep all of my junk food options vegan but last week the non-vegan Nectar Nugget won. This ‘Legendary’ nugget of bliss was brought to the masses in the early 70’s as an all natural peanut butter cup alternative. Over 40 years later, this little nugget is still standing and tasting delicious in the process.

Made with only a handful of  ingredients, with zero trans fat and 5 grams of protein, Nectar Nugget is a perfect peanut butter cup. Not too sweet and generous on the peanut butter but not so generous it throws the balance off, if you know what I mean. It is a very nice sized treat and it clocks in at 190 calories, not so bad for what you are getting. This is a treat I will most definitely be revisiting. If you come across it and dig the whole peanut butter and chocolate combo, grab one. If you cannot find these nuggets you can buy them on-line and if you find that you really fancy them and want your local grocer to carry them, there is a PDF file on the page link I attached below. Fill it out, print it out,  hand it to the manager and tell them whats up.

The Golden Nugget. Nectar Nugget.


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