Read This: The 30 Minute Vegan.

28 Sep

When it comes to preparing a decent meal for dinner, time is usually of the essence. When there is no easy, quick option that is when we make poor food choices. With cookbooks like ‘The 30 Minute Vegan’ your list of excuses will be drastically reduced 😉 Written by a husband and wife chef tag team this book teaches us and shows us just how easy it is to prepare a healthy, vegan meal in a half hour. 150 vegan recipies to be exact.

The best thing about this cookbook is that the recipes are realistic and the ingredients can be found at any basic supermarket. SO many vegan and vegetarian cookbooks ask you to have crazy things on hand and to be honest, the end of the day is not the time for such craziness. ‘The 30 Minute Vegan’ gives you simple, clear directions, helpful tips and realistic recipes. There is a little of everything in this cookbook from smoothies to small plates and with so many things to choose from you will not get bored and you will never miss the meat. If you have ever been interested in eating more of a raw diet then this book is a great introduction to that. I personally love eating raw because I am a texture chick and most things taste better to me in their natural state/texture. This cookbook has some killer raw food recipes that I am itching to make. Raw cinnamon rolls anyone 😉

Even if you are a meat eater, having a cookbook like ‘The 30 Minute Vegan’ in your arsenal is necessary. Books like this show people how practical and easy eating vegan can be. I know many people are so turned off by the thought of being vegan or vegetarian because it seems like it would be so hard. It is not. It is an adjustment for sure but it is not hard. Plus once you get the hang of a few simple recipes you enjoy and that are easy to prepare, you are golden. ‘The 30 Minute Vegan’ is a great basic cookbook that will  have you eating better in no time.

‘The 30 Minute Vegan’ Is For Everyday People. Buy It At Amazon. Or Barnes And Noble.

Authors Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray.


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