When In West Hollywood…

26 Sep

Don’t you dare ask a salesperson to show you where the fur is. As of last week the West Hollywood City Council reached a unanimous decision to ban the sale of fur in their city. This ban is not only aimed at the sale of fur but also the sale of items made from any animal hair and wool, as of now leather is still in the clear but hopefully that will change soon. I can safely say that at this point in the fashion game, the ‘faux’ game is so good that there really is no need for real fur or leather anymore. Plus materials such as micro suede, which is the animal friendly alternative to suede, hold up so much better than the ‘real’ thing. Keeping suede boots looking good is ridiculously hard, even if you are anal about keeping your kicks fresh like I am 😉

Words cannot express how wonderful I think this law is. West Hollywood will be the first city in the world to implement a law like this in the books. This decision is not only an ethically sound and morally correct one it is also one that will have a profound positive effect on our future generations. With laws like this we are helping to pave the road of compassion  for the next generation, we are showing them that we respect animals and that they should too. One may think I am over reacting but I am not, its like Gandhi said ‘ You can judge a society by the way it treats it’s animals.’ I believe this to be true 100% and apparently West Hollywood does too 🙂

Forcing Fashion To Evolve.

http://www.apparelnews.net/news/manufacturing/092211-West-Hollywood-Bans-Fur-in-Clothing Apparel News Article.

http://articles.latimes.com/2011/sep/21/local/la-me-0921-fur-ban-20110921 L.A. Times Article.


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