Gettin’ Siggi With It.

25 Sep

So have any of you ever heard of skyr before? Because up until a couple of months ago I never had. This does not shock me since I have never been crazy into dairy products but now that I know about it and have tried it, I am a fan. For starters skyr is nothing crazy, it is just another type of strained yogurt, this particular style Siggi get’s with is Icelandic in nature. Apparently this type of yogurt is called skyr because back in the day when it was invented by the vikings, the word ‘yogurt’ had not been invented. Skyr is still a staple in modern Iceland and is very popular due to its high protein content, it is gaining popularity and momentum here in the States. Last week I saw it in two places I had never seen it prior.

Siggi’s brand all started in 2004 when for the first time he could not travel home to Iceland for the holidays. So he decided to bring a little of Iceland to New York by researching how to make skyr. After a year he decides to take it to the next level and gets down with an agricultural college in Upstate New York and together they make Siggi’s first professional batch of skyr. Soon he beings selling it at farmers markets and 2 stores in NYC and the rest is modern history. Siggi’s is now sold in 100’s of Whole Foods, Targets, Fresh Market’s, A&P and plenty of other places. What started in a NYC kitchen has turned into an American phenom and it is not hard to see why.

Siggi’s skyr comes in several different flavors and they all sound amazing. I tried the blueberry one because  figured it is a safe flavor to try something for the first time in, plus I didn’t come across the coconut one until the next week at a different store 😉 Siggi’s is delicious, thick, creamy, just sweet enough and filling. There is no sugar used in this skyr instead it is sweetened with organic agave nectar and real fruit. With only 100 calories per serving and 14 grams of protein, skyr is a healthy alternative to other sugar laden yogurts on the market.

Get Siggi. Siggi Homepage.


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