Humane Charity Seal.

22 Sep

I think one of the worst forms of animal cruelty has got to be animal testing. I swear some companies like L’Oreal, Unileaver, Cover Girl, Olay, Vaseline, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and a ton of other drug and beauty companies never learn. Why animal testing is still done is so beyond me, it’s 2o11 and there are better ways to find cures for diseases and proper dosage for botox injections than harmless animals. Apparently I am not alone because the Human Charity Seal feels the same way. The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine gives charity establishments the Human Charity Seal if they do not partake in animal testing of any kind 🙂 It makes me so happy to know that there are some logical doctors out there who would much rather use all this new amazing technology they have like computers and cell steam research then hurt, mame and kill harmless animals.

One may wonder ‘What does a charity have to do with animal testing?’ Well a lot actually. When you support certain charities and give them your hard-earned money they spend it on whatever cause they are fighting. Cancer, AIDS etc. But we have no idea what type of medical practices these charities are using to achieve the medical breakthroughs they desire. This is where the Human Charity Seal comes into play. If the charity has the seal it means the particular charity has shown that they do not test on animals, do not fund experiments tested on animals and use the highest ethical standards when it comes to medical research.

There are many charities that make the grade and receive the Human Charity Seal. Next time you are donating to a cause near to you or as random as can be check out the Human Charity Seal website and pick a charity with compassion. Human Charity Seal Homepage.

The American Breast Cancer Foundation Is One Of The Many Charities That Does Not Partake In Animal Testing.


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