Short Circuit.

21 Sep
Frederick Winters during 1904 Summer Olympics

Fredrick Winters, 1904 Summer Olympics. Talk About Old School.

There are essentially two ways to lift weights, you either train 1-2 body parts per day, 5 days a week throwing in at least 3-4 days of 30-45 minutes of cardio or you circuit train. Unless you are a professional body builder or something of that nature it is really unnecessary to train 1-2 body parts per day, in my humble opinion. Most of us who end up in the gym are simply trying to get in shape.  To have an all overall nice physique with attractive muscle tone is the holy grail of working out. It makes it all worthwhile because honestly who wants to log in 6-10 hours a week at the gym only to look the same month after month? Not me and not you.

When it comes to circuit training you aim to do 1-2 exercises per each body part, starting with you back and legs. I recommend 2 different exercises for your back and two for your legs. Try to hit the upper and lower back as well as your quads and hamstrings, then move onto a calf exercise. Always remember to work out your calf muscles, they are often overlooked and nothing looks worse than an underdeveloped calf muscle, especially on women in heels. Pump those calf’s up ladies because the sexy of the leg starts at the base 😉 After you have done those five exercises move onto your chest and shoulders. I suggest one exercise for each of those body parts and well as one exercise for both your biceps and triceps. Finish off the circuit with two different abs exercises, one of them should include your obliques (side abs).This is the rhythm of a typical circuit. You will do anywhere from 8-10 (for bulk) or 12-18 (to lean and tone) reps per exercise and complete this full circuit three times, three days a week, doing different exercises each time. Follow this circuit with 30 minutes of medium paced cardio and add on two more days of 30-45 minutes of faster paced cardio and you will see results. That’s assuming you are already following a kick ass vegetarian diet.

Please bear in mind everyone in the fitness industry has different opinions. Seriously you will hear all different things about ‘the best way to train’ but at the end of the day, this decision is yours. YOU have to enjoy whatever workout routine you choose to partake in and you also have to see results so you stay motivated enough to go to the gym. I feel like I have to add a disclaimer every time I talk about fitness because this industry can be fickle and trendy but regardless everything I just told you works. Plus it is the quickest, in and out way to lift weights, you are wasting no time since you are going from one exercise to another without rest. It’s all tried and true, no gimmicks, no games. Go for it and let me know how it works for you.


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    It is an interesting and wholesome post. It has been very helpful in understanding of different things. I’m sure many people will accept this point of view.


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