Tasty Treats Review: APIEcalypse Now! Vegan Bakery.

20 Sep

Just the name of this bakery wins, I didn’t even have to try the goodies to know how good they were going to be. APIEcalyspse Now? Yup. They Win. And their baked goods are just as good and unique as the name.  I found APIEcalypse Now! at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival where the owner, Jenny was shelling out the goods and spreading her vegan baking magic. Based out of the East End of Toronto, these vegan goods are available for purchase online and at two farmers markets in the Toronto area. This stuff is so good I know I will be ordering some via mail cuz unfortunately I cannot make it to Toronto on the reg 😦

At APIEcalypse Now! there are so many things to choose from, that booth was literally overflowing with vegan goodness from marshmallows and cookies to pies and tarts. I tried out a “Magic” Square which was AMAZING. It is that old school 5 layer bar type of thing converted into a cruelty free work of art. Dark chocolate, coconut flakes, pecans, brown sugar, coconut milk layered a top of a graham cracker crust? Yes. Please. I want one so badly right now 🙂 If you live or are visiting the Toronto area be sure to visit them at the Distillery District Farmers Market on Sunday’s from 10am-4pm and at the University Of Toronto Farmers Market on Thursdays from 2pm-5pm.

So check out Jenny and her vegan treats NOW…

http://www.apiecalypsenow.com/ APIEcalypse Now! Vegan Bakery Homepage.

Vegan Marshmallows?!? Yes Please!!!


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