19 Sep

One of the best things about eating at vegan and vegetarian restaurants is these places commitment to the Earth and its inhabits. All the way down to their utensils, everything seems to be compostable, eco-friendly and plant-based which I think is rad. Last week while eating in Syracuse I got some coffee to go and it came with an ‘Eco-Lid’. I could tell it was different then the typical plastic ones because it both looked and felt different but it worked just the same.

This Eco-Lid I used was made by Eco-Products. Eco-Products  makes 2 different lines of products, their compostable line which is made with plant-based renewable resources. The other is made with 100% post consumer recycled materials, this line is not compostable but they do not use any ‘new’ trees to make these products. Eco-Products makes everything ‘to go’ from cups and plates to forks and containers.

Eco-Products is a company that envisions zero waste in the future and they are doing all they can to make this dream a reality. If you own a store that uses ‘to go’ containers I strongly urge you to make the switch to  compostable products. Plant based plastics have to be the way we are heading or else we are all just going to be living on an island of plastic. Yuck.

Go Green And Take Your Business With You. Eco-Products Homepage.


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