A Run Down Of The Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival.

14 Sep

Mission Accomplished. I had planned to attend the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair since I found out about it last year. Why Toronto? Simply because it is the biggest vegetarian food festival in North America, plus having never been to Toronto before this was the perfect excuse. The weather was simply amazing, the people were great and the vegetarian foods and treats were flowing. There was SO. MUCH. FOOD. there it was unreal, truly a slice of veggie heaven.

Set up down by the water, the festival was free to attend we just had to pay for parking. Twice lol. Vendors from all over Canada and the U.S.A. let us sample and taste their goodies, gave visitors valuable information and helped to spread the word about the vegetarian lifestyle. There were several vegan bakeries on hand, companies that make raw vegan goodies, skin care companies, a vegan bodybuilding information booth, animal rescue groups and sanctuaries, cooking demonstrations and lots of nice people. Everyone was soooo nice it was such a pleasant experience. Everything was set up in a practical way making it easy to navigate the festival and allowing all the booths to get their own shine. It did not seem as if anyone was ‘tucked away in a corner’ it seemed like one big perfectly spread out family.

Everything about the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival was a blast, next year cannot come soon enough!!!!


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